Here is how default table looks like with Row Banding Interval set to 1. Now, let’s apply skin changes (shown later) and we can change layout as shown below. Notice, few very visible changes. Here is skin code for each change. Change Title to be centered. af|column::column-header-cell-content {    text-align: center; } Change Row banding color.

In my previous blog, i explained how to build a Skin for ADF application. It is not very productive to build skin, deploy as ADF Library JAR and test in ADF application. Fortunately there are features to dynamically update skin file changes to running application. First prepare your ADF application to accept dynamic skin changes.

For styling ADF applications, you need to create Skin CSS file and associated trinidad configuration files. In this blog post, i will explain steps necessary to get started with ADF Skin. Download and install ADF Skin Editor from OTN. Start Skin Editor (skineditor.exe). Create new Skin Application.     Make sure to target for particular

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