Flexagon is co-presenting with Oracle Product Management in this Oracle PaaS – Development and Deployment related session.  Includes highlights of FlexDeploy and how Flexagon leverages the Oracle Java Cloud Service and Database Cloud Service. Moving Oracle ADF to the Cloud—Development and Deployment in the New Age 

This blog article is the first of a three part series which describes how FlexDeploy enables the transition from running your Java applications on-premise to running them on the Oracle Java Cloud Service.  This article will focus on a popular use case for moving applications to the public cloud: migrating test environments to the cloud

I decided write this after reading several blogs where people were struggling with the complexities of managing project dependencies during deployment. It is common in most enterprises to have multiple projects which are dependent on other projects. My example below is for Oracle SOA, but the issue exists with many technologies and FlexDeploy makes it easy to handle

In my previous blog article, I recommended use of SubVersion repository to share ADF Library JAR files across various JDeveloper applications. Now i will show steps on how to create Deployment Profile to create ADF Library JAR files. Deployment Profile is JDeveloper concept which is basically visual editor to define how certain archives are build,