The Fusion Development User Group (FDUG) event held in Milwaukee last week was a big hit. The FDUG participants walked away with excellent information related to: Insightful customer experience sessions from Schreiber Foods and Master Lock regarding Fusion Middleware, DevOps, and other tips and techniques learned as part of FMW implementations. Informational sessions from Oracle

I often get asked how FlexDeploy is related to and differentiates from open source tools such as Maven and Jenkins. Here’s an overview which should help clarify. Build, Continuous Integration, and Release Automation tools work well for managing dependencies, building, and unit testing your applications. In part, that’s why our FlexDeploy solution includes these features

At Flexagon, we take our internship program seriously. While we typically focus our search on those going for a Computer Science degree, we are willing to take other degrees (usually Math and Engineering based) for the right person. What does the “right” person look like? We want people that are hard workers, smart, innovators, and

Many IT groups are failing to keep up with business demands to deliver high-quality software faster. Before engaging Flexagon, this global food manufacturer was struggling with deployment processes, impacting their ability to deliver applications/changes as rapidly and cost effectively as needed to support business growth. This Case Study highlights the challenges this company was facing

This is the third of a three part blog covering how to replace URLs and other environment specific fields in a SOA composite. The 3 options I am discussing are: Composite specific configuration plan Shared configuration plan Global tokens Global Tokens allow you to define name/value pairs for the host, port, and protocol. In the

In my last blog, I showed you how to create a custom XPath function to collect consistent error information and pass that information to an error handler service. Let’s extend the XPath function, from my previous blog, by adding customizable parameters to the call. The additional parameters provide the ability to capture specific information by