FlexDeploy previously supported Active Directory and other LDAP servers for user authentication. Now with FlexDeploy 3.1, we have added capability to map external directory server groups to FlexDeploy groups, which makes it very easy to manage FlexDeploy users in your environment. You will still configure FlexDeploy groups with finer grained permissions to various objects and/or

Oracle WebCenter Portal OOB taskflows and page fragments can be customized to meet your specific requirements. This work is done using JDeveloper and we can commit these customizations in Source Control, so that we can easily track changes over time and if needed revert back to previous revision. I will demonstrate process to automatically build

FlexDeploy allows configuration of FlexFields for deployment requests. Main features are Each FlexField can be setup as specific data type like Boolean, Integer, Double, Float, Long, String. Request form will display input component accrodingly. You can configure List values to render drop down input component. Value of FlexField on deploy request form can be defaulted