We recently rolled out cloud-based trial environments for FlexDeploy which provides a fast and efficient way to get up to speed on FlexDeploy without installing anything in your on premise environment. The 14 day trial gives users access to a pre-configured and dedicated environment to quickly exercise the FlexDeploy features with Oracle and open source technology.

Oracle B2B is a module of SOA Suite that provides a secure and reliable exchange of messages between the customer and its external Trading Partners or suppliers.  It handles this communication through what are called Trading Partner Agreements which dictate to a particular message where it is going and how it will get there.  The

Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) public cloud provides raw compute and storage capabilities that can be used for almost any workload.  This blog series will outline the process used to migrate existing workload from our on-premises data center to instances running on Oracle IaaS public cloud compute and storage services.  The first part of

Introduction to Oracle Web Service Manager Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) is a Web services security and management solution that provides a common security infrastructure for all Web service applications. It provides an out-of-the-box (readily available with the product) common security policies (such as authentication, authorization, message encryption, message signing, and so on). This helps