Our first blog in the FlexDeploy and Oracle Cloud Series (announced here) is about the IaaS plugin. IaaS is a cloud offering by Oracle which allows customers to treat infrastructure as service / software. The IaaS plugin makes infrastructure provisioning and management into a more manageable and repeatable cycle to  drive business innovation and agility,

Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) public cloud provides raw compute and storage capabilities that can be used for almost any workload.  This blog series will outline the process used to migrate existing workload from our on-premises data center to instances running on Oracle IaaS public cloud compute and storage services.  The first part of

There is a lot of promise and value with cloud based solutions, from improvements in business agility, to lowering the cost and complexity of managing IT environments. At Flexagon, we are enabling FlexDeploy customers to capitalize on cloud opportunities via extensive plugin support for the management of cloud infrastructure/platform provisioning, management, and deployment of applications.