FlexDeploy’s powerful and easy to use drag-and-drop Workflow Designer, combined with an extensive list of Plugins allows users to easily create seemingly simple workflows that will carry out complex tasks automatically. With FlexDeploy 4.0, we added additional functionality to the Workflow Designer making it even more powerful for the user.  I’ll highlight the new features

Oracle’s Application Express and DevOps automation are not often thought about together.  FlexDeploy offers a great solution that will enable you to quickly automate getting your code checked into your favorite SCM, deploying, and then unit testing it.  In this blog, I will show how FlexDeploy enables this and how you can use FlexDeploy for

FlexDeploy provides automation of your XML Publisher reports along with all other EBS artifacts. You can extract these along with any other desired artifacts (Build) from your Development EBS instance and migrate them to other EBS instances, including Production (Deploy).  FlexDeploy supports both on-premise and cloud instances to build and deploy any of your EBS artifacts. For