Anyone who has written PL/SQL code can attest to the fact that it is very semantic, where the smallest change in logic can yield drastically different results. With that knowledge, it’s safe to assume that the ability to unit test your PL/SQL packages can be extremely helpful and is almost a necessity. FlexDeploy already has

How many times have you developed a new composite, or migrated an older composite, that simply turned into an overly complex process?  Modifying and debugging the new process can become more difficult and take longer to implement. A good java implementation breaks the problem into manageable classes that can be easily understood and managed over

Continuous Integration is a practice where development teams integrate and test their changes in a shared environment on a regular basis, often several times per day.  This practice is used to eliminate the painful integrations which occur when merging large change sets across teams – a very typical pain point in traditional development lifecycles.  With

FlexDeploy 4.0.2 is now available! Similar to previous fixpacks, Flexagon focused on the continuous delivery of new features and capabilities while providing fixes to the existing product. This blog post briefly describes the enhancements as well as a summary of the smaller changes/fixes included within 4.0.2.  Overall, you’ll see our ongoing investments tied to multiple