The next version of FlexDeploy is in the final stages of delivery and is scheduled to be released the week of March 6th. Extending the market leading DevOps and Automation platform, FlexDeploy 4.0.3 provides new features, plugins, and integrations for Salesforce, MuleSoft, ServiceNow, Oracle E-Business Suite, and more.  All IT environments include a combination of

We get asked by customers, prospective partners, partners, and people we meet at industry events about our journey to the Oracle Cloud. Flexagon is a bit unique in that we both use Oracle’s cloud services ourselves, and through our product, we help customers better utilize Oracle’s Cloud offerings. Stepping back to 2013… Flexagon’s Founders spent

FlexDeploy supports the automation of E-Business Suite (EBS) extension and customization migrations. In this post, let’s take a look at the support of Application Object Library (AOL) objects. You can extract these along with any other desired artifacts from your Development EBS instance and migrate them to other EBS instances, including Production.  FlexDeploy supports complete automation, with

Today, Flexagon delivered a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) plugin for FlexDeploy. Creating AWS CloudFormation stacks makes it easy to quickly start up a series of AWS resources. They can contain resources such as EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Lamada, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS CodeCommit, Elastic Block Store, S3 instances, and much more. There is virtually

Source Control Systems provide mechanisms for keeping track of every change to your application source code.   Identifying which changes have been deployed to which environments is either managed by deployment tooling, manual process, or in many cases, not managed at all.  In today’s world of regulations and audits, leaving this unmanaged in not an option. 

Oracle ADF Essentials is powerful framework to develop web applications and is free to use. FlexDeploy is built using ADF Essentials 12.1.3 and is now available to run on Tomcat 8 and Java 1.8. See FlexDeploy Installation for Tomcat for more details. Here are some high level steps to run your ADF Essentials applications on