In this blog, I will demonstrate use of FlexDeploy workflow to install binaries for Oracle BI, or You can use this workflow to install the same versions of Fusion Middleware Infrastructure as well. Files used in this blog post can be downloaded from OracleBI.7z. You can use Workflow XML included in download

Introduction There are plenty of discussions nowadays about Containers, Serverless and Functions. These technologies are extremely hot today and they are being developed very rapidly having a significant impact on many areas in software engineering.  No doubt that FlexDeploy as a fully automated DevOps solution just must support  them by definition. This is the first

In this blog, I will show how to automate the installation of SOA, BPM, OSB and/or B2B using FlexDeploy. For 12c, there is only one installation jar file that you can download to install WebLogic. First we need to create  and configure a Workflow within FlexDeploy.  Download the workflow source. Lets add a few workflow inputs to provide control and

FlexDeploy provides a rich plugin for SoftwareAG webMethods application build and deployment automation. webMethods has its out of box webMethods Deployer component which allows users to deploy a wide variety of webMethods assets to ESB, Trading Networks, MWS, CAF, BPM, UM, CAF, TASKS, Users, Groups, Roles, ACLs, Server configurations, properties etc, which reside on source