The FlexDeploy WebLogic plugin provides operations to automate the management of domain configurations. These operations are driven by using property files from Source Control System such as Git or SVN. This process makes it easy to manage WebLogic configurations. The WebLogic plugin has a new operation to read all Data Sources from WebLogic Domain and

There’s no denying that automated testing plays an important role in an efficient development process. That’s why FlexDeploy allows users to create customized testing tools. By configuring a custom testing tool, users can integrate almost any third-party testing tool with FlexDeploy. Thanks to the FlexDeploy JUnit Plugin, we can now import test results from any

Green Bay, Wisconsin, June 5, 2018 – Today Flexagon released FlexDeploy 4.6, extending the market leading DevOps platform with new features which help deliver high-quality software faster and with lower cost and risk. In addition to many new features, FlexDeploy 4.6 includes additional platform support, improved usability, and extensibility. FlexDeploy is a DevOps and Application