Monthly Archives: December 2018

Flexagon is working on our next major release of FlexDeploy, version 5.1, which is planned for general availability in 1Q 2019. At the end of each sprint, we demonstrate all the new features internally and use a fully automated process to create shippable versions of FlexDeploy. As you would expect, Flexagon’s entire Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

DevOps has evolved over the last few years, but it’s still in the early part of its journey. In the next five years, the global DevOps market is expected to reach US$12.85 billion. Accelerated growth will kick off in 2019 when the market will begin to experience an 18.6 percent CAGR through to 2025.¹ At

The transition to DevOps doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for companies to adopt DevOps practices throughout their organization and integrate new tools. DevOps tools like release management need to work with your current systems, fitting into your IT ecosystem to improve processes and business outcomes. DevOps release management tools can be both incredibly beneficial

The benefits of bringing DevOps tools into your IT Organization are many and well documented. Regardless of the technologies in play, continuous delivery and release automation help teams deliver higher quality software faster, and with less cost and risk by reducing or eliminating manual and scripted processes and adding repeatability and consistency. Different technologies (such

Software is a key competitive differentiator for companies across industries. The faster companies can get new enhancements and functionality to market, the wider their competitive edge. To achieve this lead, enterprise development teams need to optimize their workflow for efficiency, quality, and reliability. As such, development teams adopt continuous integration (CI) to speed up and