In one of my previous posts I described how FlexDeploy can automate building and deploying microservices with Docker containers. One of the most popular deployment platforms in containers world is Kubernetes. The deployment of a microservice to a K8s cluster might become challenging as it is related to creating a number of various K8s resources

Flexagon has released FlexDeploy! The new version includes enhancements and bug fixes for FlexDeploy, our DevOps platform for continuous delivery and release automation. A few highlights include a new Helm plugin which streamlines installing and managing Kubernetes applications ongoing improvements for REST APIs ODI support for deployment archives Flexagon also released two new FlexDeploy jumpstart demo labs for Oracle E-Business

In the final blog article in the FlexDeploy Loves E-Business Suite series I will incorporate Continuous Integration and Automated Testing, enabling DevOps at a powerful scale.  Incorporating the key elements of DevOps enables rapid and high-quality software delivery to customers, placing more focus on IT’s greatest value – innovation! FlexDeploy Loves Oracle E-Business Suite: Series

At Flexagon, we have internship opportunities year-round.  While our summer internship pulls students from around the country, our school-year internships draw from local colleges, looking for students going for degrees in Computer Science, Math, and Engineering. We pride ourselves on bringing on interns to do more than the low-level work so many interns are typically