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The future founders gathered to address the challenges of the software development lifecycle. At that time, it was difficult to deliver high quality software quickly. The commercial tools on the market were too complex and supported only the largest enterprises. Too many separate tools were required to support the cornerstones of build automation, deployment automation, and release orchestration, which made solutions costly and time consuming. The team begin to design and develop a DevOps platform.


Flexagon, LLC was established in early 2014 and the first version of FlexDeploy was released in October. It solved all the problems the team had observed. FlexDeploy V1 was a comprehensive and integrated solution with robust support for build and deployment automation.


Flexagon was included in the Forrester Wave for Application Release Automation, a significant accomplishment after being in the market for under two years. Ongoing recognition by customers and validation by the analyst community helped fuel growth in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Development in cloud IaaS and PaaS established new areas where FlexDeploy could provide benefits.


Release Pipeline features were added to round out the major capabilities in the FlexDeploy platform. Flexagon started building its partner program with global System Integrators and regional consulting companies. FlexDeploy support expanded significantly to include areas of growing interest, such as database, security, containers, microservices, and APIs.

Forrester positioned Flexagon as a Strong Performer in the Continuous Delivery and Release Automation (CDRA) Wave.


Flexagon experienced ongoing global customer success, partner channel growth, and continued recognition in the analyst community. Since its foundation, Flexagon has prioritized customer service and responsiveness. In the Forrester Wave for CDRA, Flexagon was recognized: “Users praised ‘phenomenal’ support, minimal scripting requirements, and ease of on-boarding, and an integrated product.”


Flexagon was recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Forrester Wave for CDRA: “Flexagon continues to pioneer continuous delivery for enterprise software platforms.” With every release, we have added more features, plugins, and integrations to better serve you and your IT landscape. “Reference customers praised ‘phenomenal’ support and Oracle platform support.”


FlexDeploy continues to be a market leading DevOps and Application Release Automation product. With its powerful automation capabilities and over 100 plugins and integrations, FlexDeploy enables customers around the globe to deliver software faster and more effectively.

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Our mission is to help companies deliver better quality software faster, with less cost and risk, while gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Adding Value

We are here to help you succeed. Since our foundation, our goal has been to help you adopt DevOps no matter where you are in your software development journey. Whether your company is practicing traditional waterfall methods, starting to adopt some automation, or already using a DevOps platform, FlexDeploy can meet you where you are. Implementations are fast and painless, allowing you to reap the benefits of DevOps sooner.

Saving Time

How about we eliminate those boring and error prone manual activities? By automating your processes, you can stop those mundane tasks so you can do what you love to do, and save time and costs along the way.

Pleasing Clients

We're here to make your life easier. You can pass along the love and increase satisfaction of your end users by reducing deployment related issues and outages. Customers get the responsiveness and quality they need and deserve. 

Getting Faster

Thanks to automation, you can increase your productivity and deliver faster. This increases your team's motivation and job satisfaction. With heavy automation combined with an appropriate dose of controls and governance, everyone is happy.


We're here for you during your entire time transitioning to and implementing DevOps. We also help your team work together as DevOps encourages collaboration. When you pair this with automation, everyone can focus on higher value activities.

FlexDeploy has dramatically improved our ability to delivery software fast and with high quality, positioning us to meet our aggressive business growth strategy.

Achieving Success

We serve a variety of clients in all industries. DevOps isn't one-size-fits-all. These testimonials demonstrate how FlexDeploy can be tailored to help YOU solve your software development problems and achieve your goals.

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Flexagon provided real subject matter expertise and were available through the process. They were flexible in their approach and took our feedback to enhance the product to meet our needs.

Forming Partnerships

Through a partnership, your team can gain access to sales and technical training. They will be able to market, sell, and deliver an innovative and differentiated DevOps solution: FlexDeploy. Bring more value to your customers and drive new business today!

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My favorite part of working at Flexagon is the community. We are passionate, fun-loving individuals working together to help others. You can't beat that.

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