Ben Hoffman

I started at Flexagon in November of 2015, and I've been primarily working in Java to help develop FlexDeploy and its plugins.

There’s no denying that automated testing plays an important role in an efficient development process. That’s why FlexDeploy allows users to create customized testing tools. By configuring a custom testing tool, users can integrate almost any third-party testing tool with FlexDeploy. Thanks to the FlexDeploy JUnit Plugin, we can now import test results from any

FlexDeploy now offers a simple-to-use plugin for IBM WebSphere Application Servers, and it’s the easiest way to manage deployments to your WebSphere environment. What We’ll Do Look at the operations on the WebSphere plugin Create a project for our WebSphere application Create a workflow that deploys an EAR file to a WebSphere Application Server The

Today, Flexagon delivered a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) plugin for FlexDeploy. Creating AWS CloudFormation stacks makes it easy to quickly start up a series of AWS resources. They can contain resources such as EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Lamada, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS CodeCommit, Elastic Block Store, S3 instances, and much more. There is virtually