Karl Henselin

I have an achievement and responsibility-driven personality and will work with integrity to honor God and serve people. I have a moral compass and a vision for the future. I have been coding for 12 years, 3 years at Flexagon. My primary focuses at Flexagon have been development and maintenance of plugins and devops improvements to our internal processes. I consult in a variety of technologies and enjoy learning new things.

The benefits of bringing DevOps tools into your IT Organization are many and well documented. Regardless of the technologies in play, continuous delivery and release automation help teams deliver higher quality software faster, and with less cost and risk by reducing or eliminating manual and scripted processes and adding repeatability and consistency. Different technologies (such

In March 2018, support for creating and updating Work Managers was added to the WebLogic plugin for FlexDeploy. For users of the createOrUpdateWeblogicConfig operation, the only change needed is to add new Work Manager property file(s) in source control system. The WLConfig operation will process Work Managers after completing the JMS, DataSource, and EIS Entry

In March of 2018, the WebLogic plugin was updated with a few new features. We already told you about the support for creating and updating Work Managers in this blog post. Another new feature is the addition of support for creating and updating Bridges and Bridge Destinations that allow Bridges to be created across environments efficiently

FlexDeploy doesn’t have an official Siebel plugin, but don’t let that stop you from using FlexDeploy to automate your migrations. FlexDeploy can provide a lot of value to the process. Let’s take a look at the process improvements and benefits related to: Automation Security Scheduling Approvals Visibility and Auditing If you haven’t already, you should

Flexagon is happy to announce initial support for Informatica. Working with current and prospective customers, we targeted the biggest pain point first, deploying deployment groups. The first operations added to the plugin were buildDeploymentGroup and deployDeploymentGroup. The build captures the name of the deployment group that you wish to migrate, and the deploy operation deploys

FlexDeploy can help to ease your Oracle Business Intelligence migration woes. FlexDeploy provides visibility, automation, repeatability, and controls into the complex manual process that is Oracle BI migrations. Oracle BI support was first added in the FlexDeploy 4.0.2 release.  FlexDeploy can automate the migration of the RPD and all types of WebCatalog files. OBI 11g and

One of my favorite additions to FlexDeploy in the 4.0 release is the Plugin Software Development Kit(SDK). The FlexDeploy Plugin SDK is a collection of materials and Java code designed to support the development of plugins for FlexDeploy. FlexDeploy has always had a great selection of plugins that meet many use cases, and there is

Our second blog in the FlexDeploy and Oracle Cloud Series (first post here) is about FlexDeploy’s new Database Cloud and Java Cloud plugins; what they are, how you use them, and why they matter. Database Cloud Service (DBCS) and Java Cloud Service (JCS) are cloud offerings from Oracle which allow customers to treat Oracle Database

Our first blog in the FlexDeploy and Oracle Cloud Series (announced here) is about the IaaS plugin. IaaS is a cloud offering by Oracle which allows customers to treat infrastructure as service / software. The IaaS plugin makes infrastructure provisioning and management into a more manageable and repeatable cycle to  drive business innovation and agility,