Vijayalakshmi Karupusamy

I have been working with Integration domain using webMethods(SoftwareAG) middleware for 11 years and developed various EAI/B2B Integration solutions using webMethods. Through my architecture and development experience I have designed several industry domain based solutions and integration patterns for the business interfaces. At Flexagon, my primary focus is on FlexDeploy product plugin development and Application Integration development.

The FlexDeploy WebLogic plugin provides operations to automate the management of domain configurations. These operations are driven by using property files from Source Control System such as Git or SVN. This process makes it easy to manage WebLogic configurations. The WebLogic plugin has a new operation to read all Data Sources from WebLogic Domain and

WebMethods Integration Server(s) may need to be restarted for various reasons like the deployment of application/configuration items, applying fixes & patches, troubleshooting environment related issues, or as part of scheduled maintenance.  WebMethods Integration Server (IS) has a dedicated component named webMethods IS Administrator which is a GUI portal that helps to perform server start/stop/restart operations.

There are many source control systems available today to allow sharing code and viewing historical changes, but verifying check-ins through an automated build and test process is also very important. Writing test cases and especially tests for APIs can be a tedious process. Nobody would disagree that having tests is good and we should be

FlexDeploy provides a rich plugin for SoftwareAG webMethods application build and deployment automation. webMethods has its out of box webMethods Deployer component which allows users to deploy a wide variety of webMethods assets to ESB, Trading Networks, MWS, CAF, BPM, UM, CAF, TASKS, Users, Groups, Roles, ACLs, Server configurations, properties etc, which reside on source