7 Must-See Sessions at DOAG 2018

7 Must-See Sessions at DOAG 2019

DOAG is only one weeks away!

Are you excited for some Oracle conversations and German cuisine at DOAG?

Dan Goerdt, Flexagon’s President, will be at DOAG. On Thursday, October 21st he will be giving a presentation: “DevOps for You! Cloud, FMW, DB, APEX, JET, EBS, More!” Given his expertise on the topics to be discussed at DOAG, I sat down and interviewed him about a few things.

So, without further ado, here are some tips and recommendations from Dan!

Have you been to Nuremberg? What are you excited to see and eat?

Dan Goerdt: Although I’ve been to Germany several times, never to Nuremberg. I always enjoy the local cuisine when traveling, and the Drei im Weggla (sausage snack), Schäuferle (pork shoulder), and Lebkuchen (gingerbread) have all caught my eye. I’m also looking forward to some German beer.

Hopefully I’ll have time to visit a few World War II memorials and see the beautiful architecture.

What topics are you looking forward to this year?

DG: DOAG will have significant focus on Oracle Database and APEX, which is an excellent opportunity to talk with lots of customers and partners regarding FlexDeploy’s support for those technologies. Given the database focus, there are quite a few speakers who are talking about DevOps and CI/CD enablement. Those topics are near and dear to my areas of interest!

Do you have any recommendations for other conference attendees?

DG: Obviously, DOAG is a tremendous vehicle for learning with over 400 sessions. This conference provides a perfect opportunity to get to know experts in many technologies, including other customers/users, vendors, and Oracle product management. It’s a good idea to get contact information so you can follow up with questions after the conference.

DOAG is also an awesome place to meet new people who may become friends down the road.

What DOAG sessions are your must-sees?

DG: Here are a few of my must-see sessions. It was difficult to contain this to only a handful of sessions.

What are you most looking forward to?

DG: Oh boy, that’s a tough question!  I’m most looking forward to meeting up with new attendees and speakers while catching up with people I already know. I’m excited to talk about the challenges and solutions for DevOps and CI/CD for Database, APEX, Middleware, and Containers.

There are lots of wonderful opportunities at DOAG, and many opportunities to enjoy some of the local cuisine and people.

Check out Dan’s presentation!

You may be wondering, “That was only six sessions… What’s the seventh?” Dan’s presentation, of course!

If you’ll be at DOAG 2019, be sure to attend “DevOps for You! Cloud, FMW, DB, APEX, JET, EBS, More!” Dan’s presentation is on Thursday from 5:00-5:45pm.

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