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Author: Hayden Mumm

Dell Boomi Packaged Based Deployments

FlexDeploy added support for packaged-based deployments of Dell Boomi Processes in version This means groups of Processes can be…

FlexDeploy 6.0: Container Support

Docker and Kubernetes allow development teams to move faster, deploy more efficiently, and operate at an ever-growing scale. FlexDeploy 6.0…

Oracle Integration Cloud Partial Deployments with FlexDeploy

FlexDeploy’s long-time support for DevOps for Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is very popular with our customers. Previously, each integration required…

Securing Release Pipelines with FlexDeploy and Checkmarx

Checkmarx is an industry-leading application security analysis tool. Security is of ever growing importance as IT becomes more integral to…

Infrastructure of a tall building

Automating Infrastructure Deployment with Terraform and FlexDeploy

What is Terraform? Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool, allowing you to build, change, and version infrastructure. Your infrastructure…


Getting Groovy with FlexDeploy for Customized CI/CD

FlexDeploy is an enterprise DevOps and CI/CD platform that has over 100 out of the box plugins and integrations to…

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