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Category: Third Party Integrations

Simplifying FlexDeploy Approvals with Slack

Simplifying FlexDeploy Approvals with Slack

As the DevOps world strives to get more and more automated, approvals are one aspect that still require a button…

Best of Breed vs All-in-One

CDRA Platforms: Best of Breed or All-in-One?

Ready to automate your pesky manual tasks? Looking to release more frequently and decrease your time to market? Interested in…

Augmenting Pipelines with Custom Gates

Do your developers have to manually deploy every time they finish a task? Is manually starting tests when tasks are…

Webhooks Part I: Continuous Integration with Source Control

Does your current development process involve constantly going back and forth updating statuses between applications? Do your developers have to…

FlexDeploy 5.3

FlexDeploy Release 5.3 Highlights!

Flexagon has released a new version of FlexDeploy which is packed full of new features, plugins, usability, and productivity improvements….

What Is Continuous Integration?

DevOps is a transformational way of thinking about software development, converting a slow, cumbersome, long-term process to an agile, nimble,…

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