Configuration Plans for SOA Suite 12c (Part 3)

This is the third of a three part blog covering how to replace URLs and other environment specific fields in a SOA composite. The 3 options I am discussing are:

  1. Composite specific configuration plan
  2. Shared configuration plan
  3. Global tokens

Global Tokens allow you to define name/value pairs for the host, port, and protocol. In the createOrderService composite, I am going to use SOAServerURL as the “name” with a “value” of http://testhost:80. Using tokens puts the configuration back into the administrator’s hands and provides a central definition of the various URLs used by an organization.

Global tokens are pretty simple, but have a few limitations.

  • Tokens only work in the composite.xml
  • They are only supported for the host, port, and protocol at the ws.binding location and any property under the reference tag
  • Tokens will not work for import element of the composite.xml file.

There is a preconfigured token “serverURL” that can be set on the SOA Infrastructure -> Common Properties page. It can be used for any calls to services on the same SOA server. I will not be using the serverURL in this blog, but it can be useful.

Configuring the Token

Let’s configure a token on our SOA server and update the composite.xml to use it. First we log into EM, go to SOA Infrastructure -> Common Properties -> Token Configurations as below:


When the Token Configuration screen comes up, we will manually configure our token by selecting the Modify Configuration File option and completing it similar to below:


Once you saved the value, the token will be available for use.

Back in JDeveloper, we will update the composite to refer to the token using ${Token Name}, in our case ${SOAServerURL}.


You can now redeploy your process, we do not need to use a configuration plan this time since the URL fix up will be handled by the Token replacement at runtime.

Other Useful Links:

12c Oracle documentation on Global Tokens:

A-Team Chronicles on the usage of Global Tokens in 11g:

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