Development Lifecycle for Custom Task Flows in Oracle WebCenter Portal (Part 3)

In previous blog posts, we discussed how to setup JDeveloper for custom taskflow development as well as automated build process to create .war shared library files. In this post, we will explore how to automate deployment of these .war shared libraries to WebCenter Portal.

Let’s first look at FlexDeploy workflow for this purpose.

First we will use libraryDeploy operation of WebLogic plugin. This operation will deploy library using versions (same as Project Version) as we had setup project property (FDWLS_USE_VERSIONS) to use version for WebLogic deployments. This workflow also accepts boolean input to indicate whether to recycle managed server or not. This allows users to request recycle as necessary.


Now let’s configure Portal server extention and Custom taskflow projects to use deploy workflow.

We are using 11.1.x version scheme for Portal server extension project, as default library installed is using 11.1.x version. If we use anything lower it will not be picked up, as WebCenter application will only pick up latest version of the extend.spaces.webapp.

Custom Taskflow Project Configuration


Portal Server Extension Project Configuration


Now we are ready to perform deployment activities. Let’s first deploy custom taskflows, as extend.spaces.webapp is configured to use it, which can only be deployed successfully after referenced libraries are deployed.

Deployment request is submitted as shown below. Note that we are first deploying custom taskflows project, but not requesting recycle as we will soon after that deploy extend.spaces.webapp with server recycle request.

custom_taskflow_deployment_requestWhen you submit deployment request using FlexDeploy, it will enforce Approval and Schedule information for the target environment. If no approval or schedule is specified, then deployment workflow will execute right away. You can look at execution logs as well using FlexDeploy UI.


Let’s submit deployment of Portal server extension project. We will utilize workflow input to instruct FlexDeploy to recycle spaces managed server after deployment is completed. Recycle of Spaces managed server(s) is required to activate newer versions of shared libraries that we just installed above.


Once deployment is completed, you will see the Current State of the project updated with newest version deployed to that environment and instance. This provides visibility of what activity is done on the project.


Now, we are ready to start using custom taskflows in WebCenter Portal Server pages. And you can develop more taskflows and continue to use these automated processes.

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