FlexDeploy Trial Environments Available!

We recently rolled out cloud-based trial environments for FlexDeploy which provides a fast and efficient way to get up to speed on FlexDeploy without installing anything in your on premise environment. The 14 day trial gives users access to a pre-configured and dedicated environment to quickly exercise the FlexDeploy features with Oracle and open source technology. You can kick the tires of both pre-configured FlexDeploy scenarios as well as create and configure new workflows, applications, projects etc.  Everything you need to evaluate FlexDeploy at your fingertips!

Here is a summary of the trial environment:

  • Runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • FlexDeploy installed
  • Subversion installed
  • Oracle SOA/OSB installed
  • WebLogic installed
  • Oracle DB installed
  • Tomcat installed
  • SoapUI, TestNG, and Selenium installed
  • FlexDeploy Environments configured to communicate with SOA, WebLogic, DB, etc.
  • FlexDeploy Applications/Projects configured for SOA, OSB, and Java/ADF based applications
  • FlexDeploy Applications/Projects configured for Spring/Tomcat and WebLogic Resource Management
  • Trial environments come with product documentation and videos to help get started. Here is a link to the FlexDeploy Videos.

To request access to a FlexDeploy trial environment, please contact [email protected]

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