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How to Reduce Deployment Time by 60x [with Case Study]

Developers grumble: “I’m doing slow, painfully tedious manual tasks everyday and getting called at all hours. So much needs to…

Lessons about DevOps

5 Real-Life Lessons About DevOps

When evaluating DevOps solutions, you look for certain functions and features knowing they will result in a variety of benefits….

Webinar Recap: How We Use FlexDeploy at Flexagon

The following is a summary of the information covered in the webinar: How We Use FlexDeploy at Flexagon, which can…

Webinar Review: Companies Share Their Success with DevOps

Today, companies strive to keep up with the ever-changing business environment and the constantly increasing expectations to delivery faster and…

How One Company Reduced Deployment Time by 500%

Struggling without DevOps For 10 years, Starkey stumbled through code deployments with a custom automation solution. It didn’t get the…


How 3 Companies Increased Deployment Speed for their Oracle Tools by Up to 8x

The speed of software development and release today would have been almost unimaginable ten years ago. In 2018, over half…

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