Credential Stores

The following is a summary of the information covered in the webinar: Building DevSecOps Into Your CI/CD Pipelines, which can be accessed here. The Shifting IT Landscape As you are probably aware, the IT landscape is rapidly shifting from traditional waterfall to agile processes, from a silo culture to a collaborative culture, from infrequent delivery

In this previous blog entry we discussed FlexDeploy integration with external credential stores. Now let’s explore specifics of integration with CyberArk AAM. FlexDeploy provides two out of box options for integration with CyberArk AAM: Command line option with Agent and HTTP call to AIM webservice. Here are high level integration steps for either type of

Although this blog post is setup in context of a FlexDeploy installation, it will be useful for anyone using Java web applications on Tomcat who wants to integrate Tomcat with CyberArk for data source passwords. As you can see on FlexDeploy installation, the password for database is defined in context.xml file and is in clear

FlexDeploy is DevOps platform that enables build, deploy and release automation, and provides authenticated integration with Source Code Repository, Issue Tracking & Change Control Systems, Cloud Providers, Applications, Middleware, Databases and more. For example, a token is necessary to work with Jira, or password is necessary to deploy objects to various databases. Given the importance