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Here is an Oracle whitepaper that describes development lifecycle for custom taskflows to be included in WebCenter Portal pages. Summary of steps Create Fusion Web Application (ADF) to develop custom taskflows. Create Portal server extension application and include shared library of custom taskflows. Build WAR shared library from Fusion Web Application. Build WAR shared

In my last blog, I showed you how to create a custom XPath function to collect consistent error information and pass that information to an error handler service. Let’s extend the XPath function, from my previous blog, by adding customizable parameters to the call. The additional parameters provide the ability to capture specific information by

How many times have you developed error handling logic in a BPEL process and want to collect error information to pass to an error handler service?  There are many xpath functions that are currently available and can be utilized individually to collect all the necessary data, however this can become a time consuming task when

ADF promotes reusability at every aspect of enterprise software development. For example, along with sharing Java code, you can build and share Business Services (entity, view and application module objects), UI Task flows (reusable user interface), Declarative Components (extensions to ADF UI Components) etc. In this article, i will talk about how to approach this

If you’re not familiar with Flexagon’s blog, it is located at We post information related to topics such as Oracle SOA, ADF, Oracle Cloud (JCS, DBCS, etc.), DevOps, FlexDeploy, and events.  The Blog posts are a cross section of Oracle specific technical information, Flexagon related topics such as FlexDeploy, and other topics which are vendor agnostic.