The following is a summary of the information covered in the webinar: Building DevSecOps Into Your CI/CD Pipelines, which can be accessed here. The Shifting IT Landscape As you are probably aware, the IT landscape is rapidly shifting from traditional waterfall to agile processes, from a silo culture to a collaborative culture, from infrequent delivery

Security is an essential aspect in today’s development life cycle. Unfortunately, application security has usually been an afterthought, but not anymore. By adopting the philosophy of DevSecOps you can automate these security tasks and ensure fast and safe code delivery. Security protocols that are part of the development process allow development teams to take advantage

Consider for a moment all the long-term, successful software companies. What variable is constant among all them that aided their success? Arguably, code quality is a key ingredient. Code quality can convert into how valuable and viable your code is: top notch code can be re-utilized and re-developed. Allowing low quality code to accumulate, often