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This blog is the sixth, and last, in the FlexDeploy Loves OIC blog series FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Series Overview FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Manage Integrations with Connections FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Manage Connection Property Replacement FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Continuous Integration FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Automated Testing FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Continuous Delivery with Pipelines/Releases FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Manage Connections,

This is the seventh article in the series on FlexDeploy’s support for continuous integration and continuous delivery, shown with a use case for SOA that can easily be extended to MDS, OSB, and WebLogic Resource Management. FlexDeploy Loves Oracle Fusion Middleware: Overview FlexDeploy Loves Oracle Fusion Middleware: WebLogic Configuration Setup FlexDeploy Loves Oracle Fusion Middleware: MDS

This is the sixth article in our series on what makes FlexDeploy a seamless fit for Oracle Fusion Middleware users. In this blog article I will walk through the core components of FlexDeploy, which enable the basics of continuous integration and issue tracking. I will demonstrate how to build a SOA composite based on code

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are increasingly popular DevOps practices where code changes are frequently committed to a source control management (SCM), and automatically built, tested and submitted to a release pipeline for deployment. The initial stage of the release pipeline will deploy the changes to a development environment where it can be tested.

In this blog, I will show how to automate the installation of SOA, BPM, OSB and/or B2B using FlexDeploy. For 12c, there is only one installation JAR file that you can download to install WebLogic. Automating a SOA Installation First, we need to create and configure a Workflow within FlexDeploy. Download the workflow source. Let’s add a few

The management of SOA composite revisions has been simplified to a check box and a number through FlexDeploy’s SOA plugin. Managing composite revisions historically required someone to develop and maintain a secondary process to purge unwanted revisions. Not anymore. Now just deploy your composite and let the FlexDeploy SOA plugin manage the revisions for you.

In an effort to simplify the population of existing composites on a server into FlexDeploy projects, we have provided a utility to extract composites from a SOA server into a comma delimited file. This file can then be the basis for a spreadsheet that can be loaded directly into FlexDeploy, through the use of templates, and all

How many times have you developed a new composite, or migrated an older composite, that simply turned into an overly complex process?  Modifying and debugging the new process can become more difficult and take longer to implement. A good java implementation breaks the problem into manageable classes that can be easily understood and managed over