WebLogic Managed Server(s), Admin Server and Node Manager may need to be restarted for various reasons like the deployment of application/shared libraries, patching, or to correct some environment related issues. This is perfect scenario for automation to help reduce manual intervention and enforce specific procedures for Stop and Start operations. For example, there are situations

Creating WebLogic configuration objects (EIS, data sources and JMS) manually can cause inconsistency between environments and create unnecessary issues. FlexDeploy provides the ability to automate the creation of EIS, data sources, and JMS entries through the operations available on the WebLogic plugin.  By utilizing property files, the same data can be automatically deployed to many

FlexDeploy’s WebLogic plugin provides various operations to automate the management of domain configurations. Similar to build and deploy of J2EE applications, you can utilize SCM repositories like Subversion, Git, TFS, CVS etc. to maintain configuration files and setup Build and Deploy workflows in FlexDeploy. Let me show you show it works:   See a very