We are happy to announce the availability of FlexDeploy 2.1, extending an already robust DevOps solution for automating the build, deploy, test, and release lifecycle for Oracle and non-Oracle software.  This new release offers additional features which help speed the delivery of high quality software, including Cloud, Continuous Integration, and Dashboards.  
FlexDeploy 2.1 Summary of Enhancements
  • Supports FlexDeploy running on the Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Perform Build, Deploy, and Test operations to Oracle Java & Database Cloud Services
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service Plugin provides flexible management of capacity
  • Built-in Continuous Integration Server eliminates requirement for 3rd party CI Server
  • Plugin for Groovy, a popular Java scripting language
  • Dashboards for enhanced visualization of real time and historical information
  • Improved User Experience (UX)

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Dan Goerdt

I have been in technology leadership roles for the past 20 years, spanning operating system and middleware product development, technology architecture, and software solution delivery focused on Oracle, IBM, and Open Source technologies. My experience with software automation contributed to the genesis and evolution of FlexDeploy, and I’m currently leading Strategy, Marketing, and Sales for Flexagon’s Products and Services.

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  • Shemeer says:

    Is it possible to deploy only changed maven adf projects using this tool?

    • Dan Goerdt says:

      Hi Shemeer,

      Yes, we support Continuous Integration features where changes in SubVersion / Git will trigger the build process. You can also setup FlexDeploy to trigger a deployment after successful build. We also provide a JDeveloper plugin (along with Maven plugin) that allows for easy build of JDeveloper ADF applications to generate either EAR, WAR file or ADF Library JAR files. Developers can manually start build as well (if desired) and if there are no changes in SubVersion / Git, tool will prompt user about it.

      Would you like to schedule time for a demo/discussion? If so, please contact me at [email protected] and we can get it scheduled. thanks.


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