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A Customer Success Story

Founded in 2009, this company experienced a meteoric rise to become one of the largest firms in the gig economy. What started as an idea of requesting a ride via your phone evolved into the largest mobility platform in the world. With an estimated 93 million monthly active users worldwide, the team must constantly innovate, evolve, and solve large-scale challenges. From expanding to reimagining offerings, an IT organization that can support and deliver on those goals is required.

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Technology Landscape

  • Jira
  • Bitbucket
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle APEX
  • SonarQube
  • utPLSQL

The Challenge

Inefficient manual processes hindered the rapid delivery of quality software

The IT group responsible for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) implementation was using manual processes to manage their software delivery lifecycle. “We were having all of the challenges that come with manual deployments into test and production environments” shared a Senior Systems Engineer. That meant there was a lack of automation, limited controls, and poor visibility to what was deployed into each environment. There was error-prone delivery where packages were being deployed into the wrong environments, and a direct impact on the team’s ability to deliver or respond to requests quickly and with quality.

A regular weekly deployment required manual bundling, testing, approvals, and deployments. A developer would manually build and test files and attach that package to a Jira ticket, which would have to be downloaded and installed by a DBA before they could test and migrate to a subsequent environment. Approvals were manual and required the approver to look at previous conversations to ensure a package had been deployed properly. These small manual tasks added up to a time-consuming process, with significant time spent waiting. Additionally, with so many manual touch points, there were myriad opportunities for mistakes. The manual processes also made responding to SOX audits time-consuming, requiring detective work from the team.

These inefficient processes were not sustainable and were getting more intrusive as the company grew. The team had to prioritize finding a solution before these issues turned into an even bigger nightmare to solve.

The Solution: FlexDeploy

The team undertook an extensive evaluation process for CI/CD tooling. They needed to find a solution that would support their current landscape and process and be able to grow with them.

The team looked at products such as Quest Stat, Micro Focus PPM/Kintana, Bamboo, Circle CI, and Jenkins. Ultimately, FlexDeploy best suited their needs. Not only did FlexDeploy fit their major requirements such as EBS support and extensive support for approvals and security, but FlexDeploy is a flexible, extensible, and modern solution that could grow and evolve with them.

The Outcome

Confidently, cost-effectively meeting aggressive delivery timelines

With FlexDeploy, the team found a solution which met their requirements and alleviated their challenges resulting in benefits across five main areas:

  1. Time and Cost Savings: This company has seen significant time savings across all the roles in the lifecycle. What had previously been a “fully manual nightmare” is now completely automated. A developer can make their changes, check in code, automatically kick off a build, and go for approvals. Once approved those changes are automatically moved into a subsequent environment. No more manually packaging, building, downloading, promoting, or asking for approval. The team removed the time spent doing manual handoffs and waiting.
  2. Reduction in Deployment Failures: With FlexDeploy, this company is no longer manually deploying changes into various environments. FlexDeploy’s out-of-the-box support for EBS and other technologies means the tool manages those tasks the same way every time. Because FlexDeploy’s EBS plugin knows how to handle EBS customizations in an automated and repeatable way, the team is no longer dealing with deployment failures.
  3. Controls and Visibility: FlexDeploy has provided extensive controls, governance, and visibility. Security is critical for this company and role-based access enables segregation of duties which ensures users have appropriate access through the build through release lifecycle. Configurable approvals and notifications mean the right people have sign-off and oversight according to the team’s needs. And since there is one platform that manages the entire lifecycle, users have visibility and traceability from when an artifact is checked out of source control until it is deployed into production.
  4. Audit Response: Auditors are given their own logins to FlexDeploy with read-only permissions so they can run their own reports. They can now use FlexDeploy to look at a specific deployment, see the corresponding Jira ticket, and have traceability to how that Jira ticket tracked a package or artifact into production. This has significantly reduced the time the team spends with auditors.
  5. Reallocation of Work: Time savings from members across the team has been transitioned to other work and other projects. This allows faster time to deliver new features, innovate and reimagine existing features and offerings, and maintain a lead in the market.


With FlexDeploy, this company found a CI/CD solution which met their current requirements and is a platform for the future. They are confident in a long-term partnership with Flexagon – that their voice as a customer will be heard and that Flexagon will continue offering exceptional support to ensure long-term success. As their Senior Systems Engineer highlighted, “I can’t imagine going back to life before FlexDeploy. From day-to-day tasks or periodic upgrades, FlexDeploy allows us to meet aggressive timelines confidently.”

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