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Resource Category: Learning Series

Work Items

Work Items are a single location to manage tasks in FlexDeploy. In this video, we will learn how to take…

Blackout Windows

FlexDeploy’s blackout windows provide control over deployment pipelines and help mitigate risk during key windows.

Continuous Integration

FlexDeploy includes a built-in continuous integration server and unlike other commercial and open source deploy and release automation and orchestration…

Salesforce Browser Extension

FlexDeploy offers two approaches to manage Salesforce changes and keep a versioned history of those changes: in the FlexDeploy UI…

Approvals and Windows

FlexDeploy lets you easily add controls and governance to your software delivery lifecycle by incorporating approvals and scheduled windows into…

Package Deployments

FlexDeploy makes it easy to manage large and complex sets of unrelated files by allowing you to pick and choose…

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