Topology defines the logical and physical architecture of build and deployment landscapes.


Set security based on roles, by group, globally, or by projects, applications and folders.

Project Configuration

Explore the configuration of projects within FlexDeploy and the connections drawn.


Workflows are user defined orchestrations executed when performing a build or deployment.

Test Automation Pt 1

The configuration and on-demand execution of FlexDeploy's robust test automation framework.

Test Automation Pt 2

Incorporate test execution into deployment workflows and track the quality of projects.

Continuous Integration

Automate builds and deployments upon changes to your source code, or on defined schedules.

Deployment Automation

Deployment automation is the centerpiece of FlexDeploy and makes a comprehensive solution.

Windows and Approvals

Release orchestration streamlines and integrates the end-to-end software delivery process.

Release Orchestration

Ensure the proper controls are in place for critical or shared environments.

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