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What is FlexDeploy?

Flexagon President Dan Goerdt explains what FlexDeploy does in a nutshell.

FlexDeploy Overview

Discover FlexDeploy, a DevOps VSD platform that automates the software delivery lifecycle.

What Sets FlexDeploy Apart

Explore what differentiates FlexDeploy from other DevOps and VSD platforms.

FlexDeploy For:

FlexDeploy for E-Business Suite: Release & Pipeline

Learn how the FlexDeploy for Oracle E-Business-Suite DevOps Platform is married with release and pipeline capabilities...

FlexDeploy for E-Business Suite

Utilize full native support to better manage your E-Business Suite implementations.

FlexDeploy for MuleSoft

Extensive support brings automation, controls and visibility to MuleSoft implementations.

FlexDeploy for Salesforce

Automated, repeatable methods to make changes across sandbox, test and prod environments.

FlexDeploy for Oracle CX Commerce Cloud

Schedule, manage and report on deployments of user interface files to OCC instances.

FlexDeploy with Oracle APEX and Database

A simple way to build, deploy and test APEX applications, while keeping databases in sync.

FlexDeploy for the Oracle Cloud

Cloud resource provisioning, configuration management, and full automation.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Integration Cloud

Configure, manage, deploy and test OIC artifacts as they're promoted through environments.

FlexDeploy for Cloud IaaS Provisioning

Quickly and easily deploy Infrastructure as a Service Instances with the IaaS plugin.

FlexDeploy for Oracle BI

Out-of-the-box support for OBIEE, OAS, and OTBI incorporates CI/CD best practices.

FlexDeploy Learning Series:


Topology defines the logical and physical architecture of build and deployment landscapes.


Set security based on roles, by group, globally, or by projects, applications and folders.

Project Configuration

Explore the configuration of projects within FlexDeploy and the connections drawn.


Workflows are user defined orchestrations executed when performing a build or deployment.

Test Automation Pt 1

The configuration and on-demand execution of FlexDeploy's robust test automation framework.

Test Automation Pt 2

Incorporate test execution into deployment workflows and track the quality of projects.

Continuous Integration

Automate builds and deployments upon changes to your source code, or on defined schedules.

Deployment Automation

Deployment automation is the centerpiece of FlexDeploy and makes a comprehensive solution.

Windows and Approvals

Release orchestration streamlines and integrates the end-to-end software delivery process.

Release Orchestration

Ensure the proper controls are in place for critical or shared environments.

Flexagon Team Insights…

Workflows vs Pipelines

What's the difference between a workflow and a pipeline? We explain!

FlexDeploy and Jenkins

Flexagon President Dan Goerdt explains how FlexDeploy works and integrates with Jenkins.

What can be automated with FlexDeploy?

Here's a break down of the automation possibilities with the FlexDeploy DevOps platform.

Common Integrations with FlexDeploy

These are some of the most commonly used plugins in FlexDeploy's extensive library.

What are REST APIs?

What are REST APIs and why are they so important? A Flexagon software developer explains.

Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment

An important distinction to make, especially when implementing and developing DevOps.

What is Continuous Integration?

What is continuous integration and why is it beneficial for companies to implement?

Are DevOps and CI/CD actually important?

Are DevOps and CI/CD really that important? Or are they just shiny objects?

What is a Container?

An explanation of containers and their importance to software development and delivery.

Case Studies

Delivering Rapid Customer Value

This Global High-Tech company needed processes that allowed them to deliver efficiently and effectively.

Fortune 50 Tech Company Drives Cohesive Automation

IT needed to improve processes to result in faster, more agile, and more effective delivery.

How Queensland Government Increased Speed

Queensland Government needed faster software delivery with high quality and reduced cost and risk.

Adopting DevOps for Critical Business Solutions

Data Technology Leader struggled with their software development and delivery pipeline and the ability to consistently...

Increased Efficiency for Fortune 500 Biotech Company

One large multinational biotechnology organization needed a way to eliminate manual tasks that were slowing down...

Shifting to Agile to Improve Delivery

Leading publisher needed an exemplary Oracle deployment tool that could support more agile processes, eliminate manual...

Delivering Innovation to 93M Users

This global transportation company needed a platform to evolve and solve large challenges.

How Heathrow’s IT Landscape Transformed

Heathrow needed more modern processes, including automation and a shift to the cloud.

Single Solution for $8B Materials Science Company

IT needed one solution for enterprise apps like Oracle E-Business Suite and Salesforce.

Customer Story: HNI Corporation

Maxx Williams explains how FlexDeploy reduced deployment time, errors, and wasted time.

Customer Story: Schreiber Foods

Troy Marrick explains how FlexDeploy brought speed, consistency, and visibility.

Customer Story: Charter Manufacturing

Charter shares their life before and after FlexDeploy.

Customer Story: Starkey Hearing Technologies

Starkey explains how they came to adopt FlexDeploy and the improvements since.

HNI Reduces Deployment Time by 60X

HNI shares the struggles they had without DevOps and how they now enjoy FlexDeploy.

What to Know Before Implementing DevOps

What should you know before implementing a DevOps solution? Our customers give advice.

What We Wish We Knew Before DevOps

Three companies share their experiences implementing DevOps, from struggles to triumphs.

The Biggest Barrier to DevOps

Our customers share the biggest barrier they experienced when adopting DevOps.

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