Continuous Delivery and Release Automation for Insurance

Exceed customer expectations while meeting compliance requirements

The Challenge

Rising customer expectations, stricter compliance requirements, and increasing competition means innovation is critical for vendors in the insurance industry. However, relying on legacy systems and needing to meet strict regulatory requirement means innovation at the speed demanded in the current times is next to impossible.

Customers want personalized experiences and quick responses to requests. This type of service can only be provided by skilled staff and streamlined processes. Insurance organizations report struggling to attract and retain top talent, which makes converting prospects into long-term customers difficult.

The Solution

With FlexDeploy and its powerful automation and integration capabilities, you can automate manual tasks and inefficient toolchains and decrease time-to-market. Ultimately, customers will be happy with higher quality and more innovative features and IT employees will be stimulated and happy doing the tasks they enjoy.

Transform your legacy systems into the modern age while keeping data protected against security breaches and adopting new architectures and technologies with ease.


FlexDeploy Differentiators

The market has seen an increase in tools related to Release Automation, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps. What are the differences? And why do they matter?

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Microservices & Containers Webinar

What does it mean to incorporate deployment strategies across microservices and containers? Watch this webinar to find out.

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CI/CD for OIC Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how FlexDeploy can bring Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to Oracle Integration Cloud.

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With FlexDeploy, you can...

Wow Customers

With FlexDeploy’s powerful CI/CD and release orchestration capabilities, you can speed up your build, deploy, and release process. By automating your SDLC, you can decrease your time to market. Increase customer satisfaction with more frequent releases and the latest innovations.

Get Ahead of the Competition

With fewer manual tasks, you can dedicate more time to innovation! Thanks to automation, your team can work on real value-adding projects, rather than pesky and monotonous labor. By spending more time innovating, developing new applications, and pushing out the latest updates, you can strengthen your competitive advantage!

Secure Your Data

You have a lot of sensitive information to secure. With FlexDeploy and its out-of-the-box credentials store and secrets management plugins, keep your data safe and meet compliance requirements.