FlexDeploy with Jira

The Opportunity

Many organizations are making either Jira an integral part of managing software releases, and therefore, creating a demand for integration into their overall DevOps and Automation toolchains.  Without a tighter integration between Jira and other DevOps and Release Automation tools, end users need to bounce back and forth between tools, using manual activities to synchronize the overall process flow for software delivery.

The Solution

Jira provides a rich set of APIs which enables integration with other tools in your DevOps and Automation tool chain, and therefore the opportunity for a more seamless end-to-end solution exists. FlexDeploy makes use of these APIs to provide a seamless integration, creating a rich and powerful user experience for both agile and traditional software delivery methodologies.  The integration is bi-directional, providing flexibility to meet many different use cases.

Enjoy one DevOps platform with…



Out-of-the-box CI/CD and toolchain integration with comprehensive Build Automation, Deployment Automation, & Release Orchestration


Controls and Governance

Role based release pipelines inject approvals, schedules, and automated quality and security verification

Visibility with Magnifying Glass


Dashboards, reports, and notifications provide real-time and historical insight to improve software development, delivery, and management

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Leverage FlexDeploy’s Release Orchestration and Pipeline Automation in conjunction with Jira, resulting in some pretty impressive effects.

FlexDeploy Jira Integrations blog posts

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FlexDeploy’s Jira integration basics; creation, configuration, association, and automation.

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Automatically approve FlexDeploy tasks based on Jira workflow transitions.

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Examine a thorough example for managing releases based on Jira and Bitbucket events with FlexDeploy.

On-Demand Webinar: FlexDeploy Integrations Across the Toolchain

The primary reason for adoption of DevOps is to improve speed and IT efficiency to deliver innovative solutions with higher quality and less risk. As part of the journey there is inherently a growing tool chain to help chip away at solving the real challenges.

Leveraging best of breed tools helps solve individual challenges, but bringing it all together into an integrated DevOps machine is when nirvana is achieved.

In this webinar, learn how FlexDeploy not only provides a superior solution for build/deploy/release, but also enables integrations for popular tools across the entire tool chain.

Flexagon DevOps platform FlexDeploy

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Learn how FlexDeploy’s integrations can meet your use cases.

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