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Are You Getting the Full Power of Oracle Analytics Cloud?

Driven by the rapidly changing world and intense business competition, organizations are demanding increased innovation quickly, safely, and reliably. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) empowers businesses to ask any question of any data – to access and process data, evaluate predictions, and make quick and accurate decisions. It is a powerful, scalable, and approachable cloud-native service, but manual processes for moving and reverting objects and managing the state of environments result in teams not getting the full value of the service. Companies need agile, automated solutions to get the full power of Oracle Analytics Cloud.

With FlexDeploy You Can….

With out-of-the-box support for OAC, FlexDeploy makes it easy to fully automate the deployment of objects across environments while applying governance and controls and gaining visibility.

Automate the migration of WebCatalog objects across various environments, improving speed and reducing the need for manual activity.

Create and utilize complete CI/CD pipelines, integrating tests, approvals, and notifications as needed to ensure quality in delivery.

Easily view and manage the state of environments with dashboards and reports, allowing users complete visibility across the lifecycle.

Introduce and enforce security measures such as user authentication, code scanning, and role-based access to protect from internal and external security threats.

A Flexible Solution for Oracle Analytics Cloud

FlexDeploy offers an innovative and comprehensive solution for managing Oracle Analytics Cloud WebCatalog objects across various environments.

Partial Deployment Model

  • Pick and choose the individual objects required as part of a change.
  • Assemble related catalog objects into a package, build from source control or a development environment, and deploy them into a target environment.
  • Gain control and flexibility for large teams, or when objects are being developed for different deliver schedules.

Dynamic Packages

  • Choose object paths to be migrated as part of a change.
  • Automatically add new objects and calculate a packages’ content as new objects are populated in the path.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating the need to update a package when new files are populated into the catalog.

Get the Most out of Oracle Analytics Cloud with FlexDeploy

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