Getting to Know Eugene Fedorenko  Born and raised in the Ukraine. Expert in containers and serverless. Senior Architect at a DevOps Platform company. It’s hard not to be curious about the subject of these statements.   Eugene Fedorenko, a senior architect at Flexagon, has been working with us full time since 2017. He’s been a wealth of knowledge for

In a previous post, we talked about automating the installation of fusion middleware binaries. Now let’s review how we can create ADF Domain using scripts. This process will create single node domain, but you can extend it to meet your needs. You can download necessary scripts from HERE. If you are on Windows use createDomain.bat

Source Control Systems provide mechanisms for keeping track of every change to your application source code.   Identifying which changes have been deployed to which environments is either managed by deployment tooling, manual process, or in many cases, not managed at all.  In today’s world of regulations and audits, leaving this unmanaged in not an option. 

Flexagon is co-presenting with Oracle Product Management in this Oracle PaaS – Development and Deployment related session.  Includes highlights of FlexDeploy and how Flexagon leverages the Oracle Java Cloud Service and Database Cloud Service. Moving Oracle ADF to the Cloud—Development and Deployment in the New Age 

In my previous blog article, I recommended use of SubVersion repository to share ADF Library JAR files across various JDeveloper applications. Now i will show steps on how to create Deployment Profile to create ADF Library JAR files. Deployment Profile is JDeveloper concept which is basically visual editor to define how certain archives are build,

ADF promotes reusability at every aspect of enterprise software development. For example, along with sharing Java code, you can build and share Business Services (entity, view and application module objects), UI Task flows (reusable user interface), Declarative Components (extensions to ADF UI Components) etc. In this article, i will talk about how to approach this

In this blog post, I will show the high level steps to automate the build process for fusion web applications, built using JDeveloper. This applies to JDeveloper 11g as well as 12c. I will demonstrate this process using the Work Better application provided by Oracle and our FlexDeploy DevOps solution. Application is stored in SubVersion as

Here is how default table looks like with Row Banding Interval set to 1. Now, let’s apply skin changes (shown later) and we can change layout as shown below. Notice, few very visible changes. Here is skin code for each change. Change Title to be centered. af|column::column-header-cell-content {    text-align: center; } Change Row banding color.