There is no escaping Jira.  Jira has become the gold standard when it comes to tools supporting agile methodology.  Given the size of the Jira footprint it would be downright foolish for DevOps tools not to make use of the APIs and integration offered by Jira, and FlexDeploy is no exception.  Jira integration has been

This blog article is the second part of a two-part series which dives into the FlexDeploy integration with Atlassian Jira.  The first article in the series focused on updating Jira issues based on build and deploy operations in FlexDeploy.  The second part will focus on automatically approving FlexDeploy tasks based on Jira workflow transitions. Just

Atlassian Jira has grown in popularity over the past several years and is used by many IT teams to manage and release software.  Once known as a bug tracking tool, Jira has evolved into the de facto standard for teams implementing agile methodologies.  Many organizations are making Jira the center of their universe for managing