In a previous post I demonstrated how to quickly get a FlexDeploy installation up and running with Oracle Kubernetes Engine. The approach, while quick, simply won’t scale in the long run. Anything from a new user not knowing the process or deploying the wrong image tag could hinder your deployments.  Because of these issues we

Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) is a Developer Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that expedites the provisioning and managing of 1 or more Kubernetes Clusters. In effect, this allows deploying and running an application on a cloud provided K8s engine a snap. To demonstrate just how quick it can be the following post is

Introduction There are plenty of discussions nowadays about Containers, Serverless and Functions. These technologies are extremely hot today and they are being developed very rapidly having a significant impact on many areas in software engineering.  No doubt that FlexDeploy as a fully automated DevOps solution just must support  them by definition. This is the first