SOA Suite

This is the sixth article in our series on what makes FlexDeploy a seamless fit for Oracle Fusion Middleware users. In this blog article I will walk through the core components of FlexDeploy, which enable the basics of continuous integration and issue tracking. I will demonstrate how to build a SOA composite based on code

In an effort to simplify the population of existing composites on a server into FlexDeploy projects, we have provided a utility to extract composites from a SOA server into a comma delimited file. This file can then be the basis for a spreadsheet that can be loaded directly into FlexDeploy, through the use of templates, and all

This is the second of a three part blog covering how to replace URLs and other environment specific fields in a SOA composite. The three options I am discussing are: Composite specific configuration plan Shared configuration plan Global tokens The shared configuration plan is a great approach (my preferred). You no longer need to generate

To increase the productivity and quality of your projects, every organization should automate the lifecycle of SOA and BPM flows. In this post, I provide a detailed explanation on how we make it easy to automate the Build, Deploy & Test process of SOA composites using FlexDeploy. To increase quality of your integration flows, you should