Although this blog post is setup in context of a FlexDeploy installation, it will be useful for anyone using Java web applications on Tomcat who wants to integrate Tomcat with CyberArk for data source passwords. As you can see on FlexDeploy installation, the password for database is defined in context.xml file and is in clear

Apache Tomcat is very popular open source application server and is widely used. FlexDeploy provides rich plugin for Tomcat application deployments and also supports start & stop operation on Tomcat server. Apache Tomcat has Manager application which allows for various deployment operations. But in many cases Manager application may be disabled or not available. FlexDeploy

Maven makes distributing software easy with automated dependency injection. With FlexDeploy 3.0, the Maven plugin, and a Spring project, you are only minutes from deploying a sustainable app to your Tomcat server. Let’s take a look at how we can set up the workflow and project to build the Spring Pet-Clinic sample, from This