FlexDeploy has been released and includes enhancements, usability improvements, and bug fixes. Here are a few highlights: Salesforce integration improvements on the Salesforce tab to customize the package.xml file with project property PACKAGE_XML_PATH and provides a summary of change metrics. Isolated Networks Support – Some customers require strict network isolation between environments for security and

This is the second article in our series on what makes FlexDeploy a seamless fit for Oracle Fusion Middleware users. In this blog article I will walk through the core components of FlexDeploy, which enable the basics of build and deployment automation. I will demonstrate how to build and deploy WebLogic configurations (datasource and EIS entries)

The FlexDeploy WebLogic plugin provides operations to automate the management of domain configurations. These operations are driven by using property files from Source Control System such as Git or SVN. This process makes it easy to manage WebLogic configurations. The WebLogic plugin has a new operation to read all Data Sources from WebLogic Domain and

I recently blogged about automating installation of binaries for Oracle BI 12c using FlexDeploy. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to create WebLogic domain for Oracle BI 12c using FlexDeploy Utility Workflow. Files used in this blog post can be downloaded from OracleBICreateDomain.zip. You can use Workflow XML included in download zip to

In March 2018, support for creating and updating Work Managers was added to the WebLogic plugin for FlexDeploy. For users of the createOrUpdateWeblogicConfig operation, the only change needed is to add new Work Manager property file(s) in source control system. The WLConfig operation will process Work Managers after completing the JMS, DataSource, and EIS Entry

In March of 2018, the WebLogic plugin was updated with a few new features. We already told you about the support for creating and updating Work Managers in this blog post. Another new feature is the addition of support for creating and updating Bridges and Bridge Destinations that allow Bridges to be created across environments efficiently

In this blog, I will demonstrate use of FlexDeploy workflow to install binaries for Oracle BI, or You can use this workflow to install the same versions of Fusion Middleware Infrastructure as well. Files used in this blog post can be downloaded from OracleBI.7z. You can use Workflow XML included in download

In this blog, I will show how to automate the installation of SOA, BPM, OSB and/or B2B using FlexDeploy. For 12c, there is only one installation JAR file that you can download to install WebLogic. Automating a SOA Installation First, we need to create and configure a Workflow within FlexDeploy. Download the workflow source. Let’s add a few

WebLogic application server provides Hot Deployment (a.k.a. Side by Side Deployment or Production Redeployment) feature to update applications without affecting existing clients. How does it work? – WebLogic performs deployment of newer version of application alongside existing version, new clients will use newer version of application whereas existing sessions continue to use older version. Older

In a previous post, we talked about automating the installation of fusion middleware binaries. Now let’s review how we can create ADF Domain using scripts. This process will create single node domain, but you can extend it to meet your needs. You can download necessary scripts from HERE. If you are on Windows use createDomain.bat