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Tag: DevOps


Why Kintana Isn’t a Long-Term Viability for Enterprises

Organizations that move from Kintana to FlexDeploy’s richer feature set experience major gains in productivity.

Please Release Me

As the well-known lyric goes, ‘Please release me and let me go’ illustrates the challenge to Application Development and Delivery,…

How to Achieve Effective Software Delivery with Test Automation

Many software releases lack adequate testing. As a result, applications fail to live up to quality standards. Testing is often…

DevOps to the Cloud Best Practices

DevOps Best Practices for Oracle Cloud Migration

It’s now common for enterprises to move software to the cloud as part of their digital transformation. Upgrading from traditional,…

Open and Extensible: The Core of FlexDeploy’s Philosophy

Wind back the clock to the first days of Flexagon.  We faced the dilemma of which platforms, technologies, and toolchain…

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