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Deliver the secure and personalized digital experiences that delight and keep customers through DevOps and robust automation.

DevOps for Retail

For retailers, customer expectations have never been higher. Buyers expect fast, seamless, and secure digital shopping experiences as the norm. That means retailers need to seize every opportunity to innovate in order to stand out from competitors.

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DX Delivery at Lightning Speed

IT teams are responsible for making everything run in this digital age, but slow processes due to legacy technology and manual tasks cut into timelines and budgets. As a result, time to market for applications and changes is outpaced by competitors while outages frustrate and deter buyers.

With FlexDeploy, You Can…

With FlexDeploy’s robust automation capabilities, you can create rapid and efficient processes to deliver innovative experiences to end users faster while managing costs. Achieve more frequent and higher quality releases with the power of release automation and continuous delivery with DevOps for retail.

Strengthen Your Competitive Advantage

The faster you innovate, the stronger your competitive advantage. Combine that with an agile mindset and you’ll be able to react quickly to market changes and customer demand.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Quality releases means fewer outages. Any issues that do occur can be quickly found and resolved because of frequent small code pushes. This means a smoother, more consistent customer experience.
“One thing we can say about FlexDeploy is that it just works.”

Jerry Sullivan

Oracle E-Business Suite Environment Manager at Amway Global
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