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Bring DevOps to Container Management

Unlock speed and flexibility with containers and FlexDeploy pipelines

Enable development teams to move faster, deploy more efficiently, and operate at an ever-growing scale using container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. The adoption of container technology isn’t a passing trend. Rather, it’s a strategic choice for enterprise improvement. FlexDeploy pipelines make it simple to utilize containers and deploy them across environments.

Understanding containers and how to utilize FlexDeploy

Container-based applications face the same challenges and release lifecycle as any software. Use FlexDeploy for container management to define process standards as their use in DevOps expands.

Seamless Docker and Kubernetes Integration
Leverage pre-built plugins for effortless integration and automated build and deployment processes.

Simplified Release Management
Orchestrate the entire release lifecycle for containerized applications, including technical and functional dependencies.

Standardized Deployment Practices
Ensure consistent and predictable deployments across all environments, regardless of the platform.

Convenient Resource Optimization
Automatically shut down unused containers, freeing up cloud resources and preventing costly mistakes.

Enhanced Visibility and Control
Gain comprehensive insights into your containerized applications with detailed dashboards and role-based release pipelines.

DevOps made better with FlexDeploy

Increase speed, security, and predictability while creating additional business value. The FlexDeploy DevOps platform orchestrates and automates the creation and management of containers. It covers you from orchestrating the release lifecycle to applying security and meeting audit requirements.

Manage the entire software lifecycle, from build through release, out-of-the-box, with the option to easily orchestrate the rest of the other existing tools. Out-of-the-box plugins for Docker and Kubernetes enable automated build and deployment which reduce errors, time spent troubleshooting, and the negative impact of outages.
Orchestrate software releases, including both technical and functional dependencies, for containers and traditional applications. Standardize release and deployment processes to ensure that deployments run as expected regardless of the platform.
Automatically shut down containers that are no longer in use, freeing up cloud resources and limiting the potential that a forgotten container becomes a costly mistake.
Provide IT teams with information across the pipeline. Inject approvals, schedules, and automated quality and security verification with role-based release pipelines. Built-in quality gates streamline controls to ensure an efficient governance process while dashboards provide extensive visibility and insight.


Tame Complexities with FlexDeploy