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2023 State of CI/CD: Best Practice Adoption

Globally, IT teams are turning to CI/CD best practices to excel in a complex business and...

2023 State of DevOps: Best Practice Adoption

DevOps is not a new trend. Organizations that have adopted it are seeing decreased spending, decreased...

Advanced Pipelines & Release Automation

Use pipelines to extend FlexDeploy's build and deploy capabilities beyond single projects.

Newest Videos

Adopting DevOps for Critical Business Solutions

Data Technology Leader struggled with their software development and delivery pipeline and the ability to consistently...

Approvals and Windows

FlexDeploy lets you easily add controls and governance to your software delivery lifecycle by incorporating approvals...

Are DevOps and CI/CD actually important?

Are DevOps and CI/CD really that important? Or are they just shiny objects?

Customer Case Studies


Amway needed a tool that could set them up for an enterprise-wide DevOps strategy. They chose...


Athene chose FlexDeploy to fix their manual and complicated software delivery processes.


In order to improve the speed, quality, and cost of delivering software, Charter Manufacturing leaned on...

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