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Salesforce / Cloud

Amplify Security, Value, and Teamwork within Salesforce Cloud

Migrate to or improve your DevOps in the cloud while continuing to use other enterprise tools for increased value, speed, quality, compliance, and management.
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Automation for your Salesforce Apps

Simplify Salesforce Cloud complexity and drive ROI

Engage automated and repeatable process for building, packaging, and securley deploying your APEX classes, metadata, and data changes from development through test to production orgs.

Standardize security gates and regulatory compliance

Integrated version control, continuous integration and work items

Drive speed and accuracy with package-based deployment support

Maximize existing technology investments using your preferred toolchain

Reduce human errors and tedious tasks by automating migration

 Quickly view and manage environments with dashboards and reports

Increase operational efficiency

Discover How to Accelerate DevOps for Salesforce to Increase Software Delivery Performance and Visibility

Standardizing on FlexDeploy for the Oracle and Salesforce Ecosystem

With FlexDeploy, we were able to replace previous investments in Quest® Stat for Oracle and Gearset for Salesforce eliminating cost, while gaining more capability.

Huub Bouten, Program Manager, Application Integration and Development

Remote Salesforce users accomplish more with FlexDeploy

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Simplify comparison

Detect, display, and compare two metadata sets within Salesforce to identify configuration differences across various environments. Compare source control to org, org-to-org, and package-to-org. Analyze the sub-component and file levels to make informed decisions based on differences.

Browser extension

Synchronize changes among developers and business users without leaving the Salesforce development organization. Using our extension, the process of git branching is hidden from business users, allowing them to focus on tasks while benefiting from source control.

Version control integration

Deploy code, metadata, and data. Commit to any Git repository and deploy changes that enable collaboration among team members, maintain history, and simplify rollback.

Test automation

Easy test validation within your CI/CD pipeline using integrations for Selenium, Tricentis Tosca, HP UFT, and Automation Anywhere, and other test automation tools.

Package-driven deployment

Promote code, metadata, and data across your CI/CD pipeline. Deploy your Salesforce experience bundle, custom metadata, and partial objects.

Automated security and compliance

Secure release pipelines with automated security testing tools such as Veracode and Checkmarx to enhance the security of your builds, packages, and deployments. Add a gate in your release pipeline to review any security vulnerabilities and take prompt remedial action to address any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your software.

Real-time dashboards and insights

Get real-time visibility and insights into your build, deploy, and release metrics and optimize your software delivery performance.

Salesforce APEX unit testing with FlexDeploy

Verify the functionality of APEX code by executing unit tests in your development and deployment pipeline. Define code coverage thresholds and set an approval gate in your pipeline.

Automated code quality scans

Easily configure PMD for APEX classes, visual force pages, and JavaScript in your release pipelines. Execute a Sonar scan to continuously inspect code quality and automate reviews to detect bugs, code smells, and security vulnerabilities.

Continuous integration and deployment

Fully implement CI/CD processes through an automated delivery pipeline for multiple sandboxes, testing, and production environments.

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FlexDeploy for Salesforce

Automated, repeatable methods to make changes across sandbox, test and prod environments.

Get Rapid Innovation for Complex Salesforce Cloud Environments