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Take Your DevOps Journey Further with FlexDeploy

Flexagon offers Professional Services for your initial FlexDeploy implementation and as your DevOps journey evolves. Our experts guide and assist you as you implement FlexDeploy, ensuring a collaborative and high-quality engagement from start to end. Our goal is to meet each organization’s unique needs, ensuring successful platform adoption and enabling efficient software delivery automation. 

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Initial Implementation Services

Our initial implementation services ensure the benefits of FlexDeploy are achieved quickly and with high quality. They include everything from a detailed review of your requirements through training and go-live hypercare.

Throughout the FlexDeploy implementation, our implementation experts share best practices to optimize your software development and delivery practices. We work closely with your team to address your unique challenges and provide tailored recommendations to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and achieve faster time-to-value.

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1. Installation and Upgrades
2. Requirements Analysis
3. Designing the Solution
4. Configuration and Testing
5. Training and Knowledge Transfer

Installation and Upgrades

Assist and train your team on the FlexDeploy installation and upgrade process. An automated installer simplifies the process and makes it easy for you to benefit from the enhancements we continuously deliver with new versions of FlexDeploy.

Requirements Analysis

The implementation process starts with thoroughly analyzing your requirements, existing processes, and tools. Flexagon consultants work closely with your team to understand and document the specific needs, challenges, and goals.

Designing the Solution

The implementation continues with designing the delivery pipelines and processes using the FlexDeploy platform. We create a design document based on the requirements and best practices to streamline your software delivery process.

Configuration and Testing

The solution design is used to set up and test the FlexDeploy platform to meet your requirements. We include configuration of all foundational aspects of FlexDeploy, including integration with existing tools and systems. We work collaboratively to test the solution from end to end.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Training and knowledge transfer are incorporated into the implementation process to maximize your understanding of FlexDeploy capabilities and for future expansion. The knowledge sharing and training are tailored for each role using FlexDeploy.

Post Implementation Services

If you want assistance beyond your initial implementation, we are happy to help. Our post-implementation services include many ways to expand and optimize your use of FlexDeploy, such as integration with new or existing test tools, automation of newly adopted products and cloud services, migration from one source control system to another, and many other use cases. 

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Use Case Support

Here are a few examples of customers engaging us to evolve their DevOps, CI/CD, and FlexDeploy implementation approaches.

Automate Security and Compliance

Automate development, security, and operational activities, establishing measurable results across your DevSecOps processes. Through the reports and dashboards, customers have a single source of information for audits and continuous improvement.

Test Automation

These services extend your software delivery process through continuous testing, leveraging the built-in Test Automation Framework and enhancing your continuous integration, deployment, and release process.

Extending to other Business Systems

Develop a tailored solution and project scope to configure FlexDeploy with new applications to provide additional value seamlessly.

Adopt Git for Source Control 

Help manage your source code management (SCM) journey from installation, upgrading, or converting your current SCM tool to a modern Git-based solution.

Long Term Support

Quickly enable CI/CD for current and future technologies

With powerful native solutions for Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP technologies, you can eliminate manual and error-prone activities. Create robust CI/CD pipelines that are secure, repeatable, and auditable for all your changes.
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Automate faster, launch smoother, achieve more. Explore FlexDeploy customer success stories & unlock your own software delivery transformation.

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Whether you're just getting started with DevOps or you're a seasoned pro, we encourage you to explore our resources and learn more about how Flexagon can help you achieve your goals.

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