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After achieving success with FlexDeploy you may find that you now need to scale across other enterprise systems platforms, introduce new teams, migrate to the cloud, and expand integrations with tools across the toolchain for enhanced visibility. Or, you may have a completely unique business objective in mind. The Flexagon Services team will work with you to understand your unique business and technology goals and develop a tailored plan and project scope.

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You need to reduce the complexity and streamline the software development lifecycle. Enabling your team with automated development, security and operational activities heeds measurable results. Our successful DevOps expertise spans these areas and much more. Your Flexagon Services team is here to help you overcome challenges and support your success. We are here for you across your entire DevOps journey.

Enterprise Systems Rollout

The backbone of most enterprise organizations comprises large, complex applications existing in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. To manage software delivery in such multi-platform scenarios, teams often rely on a variety of tools specific to each platform. However, utilizing FlexDeploy as a unified DevOps platform can break silos, enhance software delivery quality and speed, and consistently align with business objectives for greater overall impact. Organizations can consider expanding their FlexDeploy implementation beyond traditional platforms like Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP to include cloud-native and container-based development environments.

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  • Break multi-platform silos
  • Improve software delivery quality
  • Align business objectives across environments and teams
  • Cross-platform implementation
  • Connect cloud- and container-native dev enviroments

Cloud Orchestration and Automation

Cloud services from Oracle, Amazon (AWS), and Microsoft Azure are among the most popular and widely used cloud computing platforms. The FlexDeploy CI/CD platform offers extensive and deep support for Oracle, Amazon, and Azure. Our services can be used to establish orchestration and automation of cloud resources a part of your DevOps strategy.

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End-to-End Fusion Middleware Implementation

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a collection of standards-based software products, including various tools and services for development and integration. When it comes to end-to-end Fusion middleware implementations, Flexagon stands out as one of the most highly skilled and experienced companies in the world. FlexDeploy for Fusion Middleware is the market leader in terms of breadth and depth.

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Oracle Fusion Middleware

Mulesoft Implementation and Support

MuleSoft has become a very popular Integration and API management platform over the past several years. Flexagon can help with MuleSoft implementations and FlexDeploy is the only product in the DevOps, Release Automation, and Continuous Delivery tooling market with extensive support for MuleSoft.

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hours per week saved and allocated elsewhere
Decrease in outage windows during deployment -- from six hours to ninety minutes
Eliminated project schedule delays occurring in 15% of projects

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40% Time Savings for the Operations Team

We took automation to the next level. It’s not just about getting to release faster. With FlexDeploy it just works without anything more than a click.

Senior IT Manager, Integration & DevOps

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