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Oracle / Database and APEX

Automate CI/CD workflows for Oracle APEX and Databases

Streamline development processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by automating the migration of APEX applications, pages and supporting database objects.
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reduction in average deployment time
reduction in errors
reduction in costs
reduction in Database administration tasks

global leaders Trust flexdeploy for end-to-end devops


Automate. Speed. Quality.

Deploy your APEX apps through an automated CI/CD pipeline

FlexDeploy simplifies the deployment process, saves time, and increases efficiency. With its native support for APEX applications, Oracle Database objects, and REST Data Services, FlexDeploy empowers developers and DBAs to deliver innovative solutions, extend SaaS applications, and enhance existing Oracle E-Business Suite implementations.

Automate the deployment of APEX applications

Simplify the promotion of database objects

Native support for Oracle REST Data Services

Streamline CI/CD workflows and release pipeline

Plug and play DevOps toolchain

Improve developer and DBA productivity

Speed. Quality. Reliability.

Fully automated release pipeline for OIC, APEX and Database

Better visibility, communication and orchestration

At Heathrow we have an architecture principle of buy, not build. Going with FlexDeploy was adhering to that principle, and we have leveraged FlexDeploy extensively. Everything in OIC, APEX, Database, and BRM we deploy through FlexDeploy.

Why APEX and Database users choose FlexDeploy

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APEX applications support

FlexDeploy simplifies the deployment of new web apps by automating the build, package, and deploy processes, reducing manual effort and risk of errors.

Database objects support

FlexDeploy simplifies the promotion of database objects across environments, enabling smooth transitions from development to testing to production.

REST data services

FlexDeploy provides native support for Oracle REST Data Services, allowing developers to automate the build and deployment of RESTful services.

Version control integration

FlexDeploy seamlessly integrates with popular version control systems like Git and Subversion to manage and track changes effectively, enabling collaboration among team members, maintain history, and simplify rollback.

Test automation

FlexDeploy's test automation framework and integration with test automation tools such at UtPLSQL, JMeter, and Selenium make it easy to incorporate test validation within your CI/CD pipeline.

Security and compliance

Introduce and enforce security measures such as user authentication, role-based access control, and automated code scanning with ApexSec to protect from internal and external security threats.

Customizable dashboards and insights

Get real-time visibility and insights into your build, deploy, and release metrics, and optimize your software delivery pipeline.

The latest on FlexDeploy, Database, and APEX

FlexDeploy for Oracle Application Express

FlexDeploy expedites the advancement and deployment of Oracle APEX applications and their essential resources throughout the pipeline, seamlessly reaching production.

Global Transportation

Meeting aggressive delivery timelines confidently and cost-effectively.

How Heathrow’s IT Landscape Transformed

Heathrow needed more modern processes, including automation and a shift to the cloud.

FlexDeploy for Oracle APEX

A simple way to build, deploy and test APEX applications.

Get rapid innovation amid complex environments including Oracle Database and APEX.