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Raise Your DevOps Efforts to the Cloud

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Driving the DevOps and the Cloud Journey

Driven by the demands of digital transformation, DevOps and the cloud are necessities in helping enterprises respond in a rapidly changing world. Maintaining a competitive edge is becoming increasingly difficult, which is why so many companies are looking for new ways to increase efficiency, productivity, and quality, while also decreasing costs. Companies must look for agile solutions and the cloud is often the best option.

DevOps and the Cloud Go Hand-in-Hand

DevOps addresses process improvement from planning through monitoring. The cloud optimizes the technology and services, while acting as a centralized platform for processes, including testing, production, and deployment, in which organizations can work as a unified team. The structure can take on various traits, but common benefits in using them together may include:

Cloud-centric DevOps automation can include continuous integration and continuous development tools with centralized governance and controls.
Cloud resources can automatically gather data about the resources used in completing various tasks. Data can be tracked by application, changes made, or by the user who made the changes.
Infrastructure on the cloud can reduce the complexity of systems and the resources needed for maintenance.
Security controls can be built upfront, reducing the risk of human error.

Manage Your Transition to the Cloud with FlexDeploy

Most companies are executing on their cloud strategies, but also have extensive on-prem technology in which they have heavily invested. Many companies prefer to apply DevOps and CI/CD to a combination of cloud IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in addition to their on-prem footprint. Whether you are seeking to fully automate a cloud migration, seamlessly manage your cloud architecture of choice, or build cloud-native applications, FlexDeploy can support your DevOps for the Cloud journey.

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Raise Your DevOps Efforts to the Cloud with FlexDeploy